All-round visibility systems.

All-round visibility systems.

The 360-degree view system is one of the best solutions for continuous monitoring of the vehicle (while driving or in the parking lot) and the ability to record and store it. 360-degree coverage allows you to get an overview from all sides of the car, the picture is obtained as if “from above”, this is also called Birdview (bird’s-eye view).

A car all-round view system is an advanced, extended full-fledged parking system, which, unlike conventional systems, makes it possible to have a picture not only from the back or only from the front, but from all sides. If you look at the list of cars for which manufacturers make all-round visibility systems, then basically, they are made for SUVs, jeeps, sedans, station wagons, minibuses – this is when it comes to standard systems, but there is also a choice of universal ones and it is sufficient. This is primarily due to the fact that large, long wheelbase vehicles have limited visibility – this leads to cramped maneuvers. In a parking lot, where a dense row of cars does not allow you to freely maneuver, if you have a picture from all sides around your car, it will greatly facilitate the task of parking a car in a narrow or inconvenient place.

The car’s all-round view system consists of several main elements – a processing unit that combines the video signal from cameras into a single panoramic image “top view” (in fact, a 4-channel video recorder), a rear-view camera for rear view (usually installed instead of a backlight license plate, as a standard one), a front-view camera (usually the installation location is chosen by a specialist depending on the brand of car, but on some cars it is installed as a logo sign) and two side cameras (installed in the side mirror housings, and if we are talking about standard circular review for a specific brand and model of car, then the kit usually includes replaceable side mirror housings with built-in cameras).

Where is the image from the cameras displayed? The images from the rear view cameras are displayed on the screen, which is in the car. And here there are two options – either the image is displayed on a standard monitor, or on an additional one. In the first case, in order to connect to the factory monitor, you will need an additional video interface (its price is rather big – ask how much it will cost specifically for your car). In the second case, in order to connect the control unit of the circular view system to the monitor, you first need to have it (the monitor). We recommend choosing monitors with a large display (preferably 6-7 inches in diagonal) so that all four images from four cameras are equally well visible on the screen. But the choice of such monitors is so small that most likely you will have to replace the factory radio tape recorder. There are two options – replace it with a head unit or a 2DIN car radio.


Imagine this situation – you leave your car in a parking lot at your house or elsewhere. Even if the parking lot is guarded, anything can happen. For example, the owner of a nearby car miscalculated the trajectory a little and wrinkled your car. But since it was night, he left and in the morning, after seeing the damage, to whom and what will you claim? But, if you have installed a side view system on your car, then in a collision, the system will automatically start (thanks to the G sensor or a shock sensor) and begin to record in a circle at all 360 degrees. The recording will not last long, it can only be deleted manually, and you can see on this recording everything that happened next to your car – who, when and what.

Now imagine that you have a regular DVR that records only what is happening in front. But if an accident happens behind the car or from the side, then the DVR is just a useless thing. But the circular record will show everyone – who is to blame, when the accident happened (exact date and time), which car was nearby. Therefore, the decision to buy a side view system will be the only right one for you! Contact CARAUDIO – we know a lot and are ready to share our knowledge with

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