Rating of the best budget cars.

Rating of the best budget cars.

Automotive portal ByCars.ru compiled their own rating of the best budget cars, the main criterion of which was the price. And what exactly is proposed to buy for Commercial Room For Sale-Manual | PDF | Index (Economics) | Real Estate Appraisal this price – https://cdn-104.anonfiles.com/b4v3Kcp4v0/1abf39f0-1639040704/Pvc%20Tiles-manual.pdf read on.

Legend in the tables: 145 – good and 145 – bad parameter of the car’s characteristics.

– = 1st place = –

Lada Granta, price from 329 900 rub. is the cheapest car.

Made on the basis of Lada Kalina, the manufacturers have relied on maximum practicality, so there is no need to expect designer delights and interesting shapes. Simple bumper shape, plastic linings, rough shapes. Advantage

Salon Lada Granta.

Two upholstery options

Lada Granta size.

Lada Granta is too big for a B class sedan, many attribute it to the class


Complete with only two types of 1.6 petrol engines

After the test drive, it was noticed that the control became more sensitive, but the transmission was not the most successful. The suspension is of high quality, both the driver and passengers are comfortable enough when driving.

Obvious disadvantages:

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